Access Control

London Fire & Security’s consultative approach to access control is to find the ideal combination of new and emerging technology that will protect your people, buildings and assets.

We’ll study how staff and visitors access your premises and then recommend an approach that meets your exact needs and the threats you face. This may involve your employees identifying themselves with a pin code, swipe or proximity card, or presenting themselves to a biometric reader.

Most importantly, our system designers and engineers will focus on the overall benefits an electronic security system will offer for single or large/enterprise level multi-site locations.

We’re acutely aware of compliance regulation and we will create layered access control that combines multiple mitigating security controls to protect your resources, data and property.

We can protect you against the ‘insider threat’ and employee malpractice such as card pass-back and ‘buddy clocking.’ We work within the Equality Act (formerly DDA) balancing protection against intruders with ease of entry for legitimate individuals.

London Fire & Security creates layered access control solutions combining multiple complementary approaches such as:

Keypads or contactless proximity readers and fobs (inc. MIFARE)
Biometrics (palm, facial, iris, voice & gesture recognition)
‘Right to be there’ profiling on employee role, seniority, zone & time of day.

Our systems can give rapid return on investment (ROI) by doubling as time & attendance reporting.

Our designs are scalable and we’re agile in moving with trends such as Cloud, Access Control as a Service (AcaaS) and Near Field Communications (NFC). London Fire & Security swipe card systems can also be used for cashless vending and ‘follow-me’ printing, technology designed to improve the operational aspect of your business.

Our reference sites illustrate:

Centralised management of a widening array of ID devices
Enterprise-wide common platforms on main IT networks
Bespoke cost-effective design with additional business benefits.

We have extensive knoweledge and experience of the following sectors:

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With London Fire & Security’s Security Solutions You Can:

  • Qualify and quantify actual threats
  • Protect your assets, information and brand reputation
  • Ensure IT compliance with security, legal and other standards
  • Create a security infrastructure with the right security policies, processes, architecture and expertise in place
  • Clearly and accurately report risk status and return on security investments back to the business
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple security vendors and support contracts. We will be your single point of contact and accountability
  • Make informed decisions about immediate priorities and strategic business plans to improve security
  • Implement effective cloud security and mobile security
  • Replace capex with opex through our outsourced and managed security services
  • Gain access to and leverage otherwise scarce and expensive security specialists
  • Engage security professionals that are recognised for their depth of expertise and passionate client delivery − our globally connected teams will deliver the best solutions to your security needs, anywhere in the world

Our security teams can assist you to realise your security objectives through the following services:

  • Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment: This engagement will give you complete understanding of, and visibility into, the security health of your networking environment.
  • Managed Security Services: Leave it to us to provide end-to-end operational management of your IT and security assets.
  • Our Security Architecture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls.
  • Uptime: We provide proactive, multi-vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximise the availability of your IT estate while optimising your total IT support spend.
  • ​Security has multiple touch-points across your business. Let us help you ensure that all your security needs are met, including
  • Infrastructure security: As new security threats continue to arise and evolve, a robust security posture is critical to protect your business, your assets and your reputation.
  • Secure mobile access: Accelerate the productivity of your workforce and embrace innovation… while protecting sensitive data.
  • Data leakage prevention: We assist you to protect the data that matters wherever it is in the organisation – at rest or on the move.