London Fire & Security uses joined-up thinking to create integrated solutions that exploit the advent of IP.

Our approach results in powerful but simplified designs and produces major cost savings.
Current clients include analogue and ‘hybrid’ system users but we excel in environments where devices of many kinds all use a network address. These methods allow convergence of CCTV, access control, time & attendance and intruder detection to produce solutions that give clients better information about their site from a more robust and holistic platform. The benefits go beyond security to improve safety, profitability and efficiencies within your business.

We have been quick in using remote Cloud connectivity to empower clients by enabling them to operate cameras, take control of access points, manage public address and review system alerts.

Our end-to-end installations communicate with customers wherever they are through conventional methods, mobile Apps and push notifications.
London Fire & Security will always work within a client’s legacy system if required but we see traditional security with dedicated cabling of two or three different kinds as a thing of the past.

Clients using our infrastructures benefit from:

Server virtualisation for multiple-site systems
Reduced carbon footprint from devices performing multiple tasks
Enhanced integration with facility management and IT departments

London Fire & Security believes in combined processes.

At design stage we’re used to clients demanding we collaborate with AV consultants, cyber security specialists, HR departments and even architects. Our systems contribute to the scalability, flexibility and integration that produce the truly ‘intelligent building.’
We achieve integrated solutions by using technology that operates from or provides the widest possible platforms.

Our engineers excel in creating:

User interfaces from PSIM or similar software
Control rooms that are truly enterprise-wide
Designs that transform disparate systems onto one single, manageable platform

We have extensive knoweledge and experience of the following sectors:

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With London Fire & Security’s Security Solutions You Can:

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Our security teams can assist you to realise your security objectives through the following services:

  • Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment: This engagement will give you complete understanding of, and visibility into, the security health of your networking environment.
  • Managed Security Services: Leave it to us to provide end-to-end operational management of your IT and security assets.
  • Our Security Architecture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls.
  • Uptime: We provide proactive, multi-vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximise the availability of your IT estate while optimising your total IT support spend.
  • ​Security has multiple touch-points across your business. Let us help you ensure that all your security needs are met, including
  • Infrastructure security: As new security threats continue to arise and evolve, a robust security posture is critical to protect your business, your assets and your reputation.
  • Secure mobile access: Accelerate the productivity of your workforce and embrace innovation… while protecting sensitive data.
  • Data leakage prevention: We assist you to protect the data that matters wherever it is in the organisation – at rest or on the move.